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This is going to be the most updated website EVER!

Yeah, Ever!


I promise that I'll be posting tons of photos, loads of comments, links to interesting websites, and lots lots more. This place will be rocking with activity. I may even have to install a forum where we can chat shit and post fluffy photos of cats and romantic slogans. In summary, I'll make some of those guys in the cheap Indian coding factories shit their pants when they see just how fucking awesome I am at keeping a site on the ball.


Or maybe not. I may get tired of this place and all the work that is involved, so that after a fortnight, the updates will slow down to a bi-weekly dribble. By the end of 2 months, you may be lucky to see any new comments or photo updates. Hell, by the end of the year, the only thing you'll end up with is a rota that gets updated once a week on a Monday morning and little else, with every new profile showing a silhouette of a babe and a slogan stating "Pics coming soon".


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