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What better way is there to describe Elise than to state, quite simply, that she is drop dead gorgeous. She's not only lovely to look at, she is also great fun to be with, with a cool, friendly vibe that just exudes fun and happiness (not to mention sexual allure). In her mid 20s, Elise is a mixed-race British babe with big green eyes and long brownish-blonde hair. As a fitness fanatic, Elise has a perfectly toned size 10 figure blessed with lovely legs, a smooth caramel complexion, and a set of delicious 34DD enhanced boobies. Measuring up at 5'4" in height, Elise is rather petite in stature, but once she puts on her stripper heels and starts to strut her stuff, you'll be mesmerised as she magically grows in a way that is bound to leave your manhood growing too.


Elise offers quite a varied selection of discretionary services, with a selection which is far too long to reel off. That said, if you are looking for the legendary A-Z, she's the woman for you.

Elise's AdultWork profile: Click Here

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