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Whether you wish to obtain further information about our ladies, make an appointment or merely provide feedback on an issue of interest, there are a number of options to contact us.


The most effective way to reach us is by phone, on 07757711250. While we can discuss general enquiries via text or WhatsApp, especially if you have a dedicated "punting phone", we nonetheless request calling us for a brief chat in order to finalise an appointment. Alternatively, should you wish to speak directly to one of our ladies on the day in which she is listed as available at our venue, please follow the link to her AdultWork account, which will be listed at the bottom of her profile. In either case, do note that calls from withheld numbers will not be answered.


You can also follow us on several adult forums and social media platforms - along with our Twitter profile, which is also embedded onsite, our official accounts are listed below. In addition, most of our ladies have their own social media and Adultwork accounts; for these ladies, links to the relevant accounts appear under their respective escort profiles.


Twitter: IndigoNile

UK Escorting: IndigoNile


Finally, if none of these avenues is suitable, feel free to contact us with an e-mail. Our e-mail address is indigo (AT), or you can use the contact form which is provided below to send us a message. We aim to reply to any e-mail that is received within 24 hours, although certain issues may take longer to receive an adequate response.


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