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Annalynne and her Louboutins

We're updating our photo galleries again, with the featured profile this week being that of Annalynne.


In order to neaten up our profiles, the photos are now in two distinct gallery segments, which we feel makes it easier for visitors to get all the information which they require, especially if they are surfing on their phones. In addition, rather than have photos from a large number of different sets appearing, we're now moving on to displaying photos from about half-a-dozen sets at a time, which should allow us to issue updates more regularly. In case anyone really has an interest in things, a casual glance at the pics suggests that Louboutins, Agent Provocateur lingerie and stockings were all rather popular choices in these photosets. The appearance of stockings (and a garter) in a number of sets is particularly surprising, as I'm sure that they aren't as prevalent in erotic fashion as they used to be, with changing tastes now meaning that Loubies appear to be the number one item that ladies go for when they are having escort photos taken. Now, while I do like Louboutins in general, as old Christian does have some sexy designs, I do think they are impractical, as the red sole is an absolutely ridiculous design flaw which women are crazy to put up with. You'd expect some wear and tear on any shoe, but as soon as you step on any surface other than carpet, you just know that within 5 minutes, you're going to have these ridiculous dark scrapes showing up. Weird!


In case you are wondering, all the old photos are still available to view. All you need to do is go to Annalynne's profile, scroll to the bottom, and then click the link to her AdultWork profile. All her old photos are there, either in her Freeview Gallery, or in her Private Gallery, depending where she's placed them. As you'll no doubt have gathered, there are a large number of other photos too, either from sets which we've featured in the past, or from sets which would have probably been deemed a bit too explicit to have on a normal website - think along the lines of "naked in a shower with just little bits of foam all over the place".

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