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Photo update for big breast sensation Sally

It has been a lovely week weatherwise, but in case you think we've been sitting on our butts twiddling our thumbs, then fret not, as we've been working on site improvements which should be visible in a few weeks from now. More important than that though is the fact that the lovely Sally now has a new set of pics on her profile, completely replacing the ones which were previously online.


They're just a starter set though, as time constraints have meant that we have not had as much of a chance as we would have liked to have to take full sets. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to do so in the coming week, as Sally will be with us on both Tuesday (with Annalynne) and Saturday (with Cheryl).


As always, you can check out the older photos on Adultwork, along with some rather graphic domination and public humiliation photos from Sally's older sets. We will also be placing some rather more revealing pics in her AW Private Gallery too - they're tasty, very tasty. While Sally is clearly quite adept at domination, if your preference happens to be for a more conventional escort experience, worry not, as our brunette with the long legs and big breasts offers a rather wide selection of escort services too.




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