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New addition Zoey will entertain YOU with her skill at interpreting the Kama Sutra

There is a second addition to the line up of ladies this week, as we would like to welcome Zoey to Indigo Nile. There isn't really that much which we can say about the lady, as we are sure that she will already be familiar to quite a number of our visitors, especially those who live in the south of the city.


The photos which are on are temporary from our photographer's archive, but Zoey being Zoey, you can definitely expect quite a few sets in a very short period of time. For those of you checking the Schedule, Zoey will be with us this Tuesday, so booking directly through ourselves or via her AW profile would be advisable (it is probably best to dig out your old Kama Sutra manual and rehearse some of your best positions while you are at it).


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