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Annalynne beach update

Hello, and welcome to a section of the site which appears to be rarely updated nowadays.


As you will have noticed, it has been a while (a LONGGGG while) since we have been updating you on the comings and goings on the business. The reasons are myriad, but the most important one has been because even though the site itself has been up and running, there were a couple of problems under the hood with some of our features. Hopefully, these have now been rectified, so you can probably expect to hear from us more frequently again.


Just as Stella eventually got her groove back by hooking up with some hunky fella, we're giving you the opportunity to get your groove back in tune too, with a new photo update for Annalynne. As you can see, our blonde tressed little stunner had some new photos take on the beach, as well as in a place with a rather fetching purple background. We hope you enjoy them - if you can't go to Ibiza or Mauritius for a beach party, you may as well compensate by having a staycation in Blighty. All we need now is for David Hasselhoff to turn up!

Click here to check them out


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