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Breakfast with Tiffany,

Decades ago, that rather lush looking piece of Welsh crumpet Shirley Bassey once crooned that "Diamonds are foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they can stimulate and tease me". Now, we're not that keen on sparkling rocks ourselves, but we do know that if you're in the market for an overpriced piece of ring swag, then the place to go looking for a diamond in central Manchester just has to be the branch of Tiffany's located in Selfridges. It is glitzy, it is glam, and if you walk out of there with one of their pale blue bags, it is guaranteed to make the woman in your life orgasm (and we mean genuine puddles of female orgasm juice, not the fake stuff). Fortunately, if central Manchester is too far to go, why not visit Indigo Nile, were we have a stunning new lady joining us who also goes by the name of Tiffany. She's smiley, friendly and has an absolutely fantastic body which looks like a million fucking dollars, and which had Cheryl and Annalynne gasping in awe and lust when she had her photos taken last week.


The profile for Tiffany is now online, and if you are interested in a visit, her first day with us will be on Wednesday 21 November. We hope to see you then!


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