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New pics for Sally and Natalie … and the end of World Cup 2018 is nigh.

The World Cup is almost over, and what a lovely tournament it has ended up being. The teams who I thought would progress have fallen by the wayside, while England have really played like absolute stars. It isn't just that they've won their matches well (albeit against some ropey teams like Panama), but they have done it rather cleanly and with a fair bit of commitment to their country. That counts for a lot when the screens have been full of bellended behaviour on the pitch by some players from other nations. Even more impressive to me has been the fact that since ditching Rooney, they've played like they're a team of 11, rather than as a team of ONE central character and 10 bit players - maybe Portugal and Argentina can do the same in coming years when they retire their respective GOATs. Two other observations: 1) no hooligans; it is remarkable how the hard men miraculously disappeared when they realised that this was going to be a tournament in a country where the security forces take no shit; 2) no WAGs; although the footballers appear to still have some rather attractive partners joining them, there hasn't been the same circus like there was a decade ago with Posh Spice, Cheryl Cole and the other bling-bling babes who accompanied them. It has just been a festival of footy.


In other news, Sally and Natalie have new photos on their profiles as part of our rolling updates. Next week should finally see new photos on Cheryl's profile too (finally).


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