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An Indigo Smile

Cheryl has finally had an update to her profile images on the Indigo website. While a couple of favourites are still on, we've uploaded a number of new pics from recent sets, although we may sneak in a couple more shots in the coming week from a couple of other sessions. We're also trying to figure out what we should do with the duo photos, as we have a hell of a lot of pictures which we've not placed on anyone's profile, in particular, those of Annalynne and Cheryl. Do we have a dedicated duo profile, or do we just randomly add those photos into individual profiles? Decisions, decisions!


Due to space constraints, we weren't able to add the photo below to Cheryl's profile. However, mammasan pissed herself laughing when she saw it, as Cheryl looks just like her when she was younger (albeit with much larger natural breasts). For comparison, see if you agree with this statement. On the bright side, they have similar pouty lips in the colour of the business.



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