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Introducing Adriana …

It is the start of August, so how about a summery summary of the news?

First, the crap news. If you live in Manchester, then you'll be pleased to know that the government has decreed, as very short notice, that we are now in a semi-hard state of lockdown. I'm not saying that it was timed in any way to coincide with Eid (no sirree!), but it does seem like a bit of a brutal tactic to utilise, given that the relative level of infection varies so greatly across Greater Manchester. If it is any consolation, we are still allowed to remain open, as the law essentially states that the restrictions only apply to households visiting one another in a private indoors basis.

Now for the good news. We have a new lady called Adriana joining us in the next few days. We know she'll be familiar to you, but if not, then all we can say is this - if you think a BMW or Audi can give you the ride of your life, wait until you have a test drive on a Mercedes.

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