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Lockdown 2 reopening … plus some minor site updates.

It only feels like it was a couple of months ago when we announced that we were opening up. Consequently, you may feel a sense of deja vu when you read that Indigo Nile reopens from Wednesday 2 December. While we're glad to be back, we have a stinking feeling that even if Lockdown 2 has passed, we are going to be in a semi-lockdown state for a long time still (regardless of whether or not a vaccine is rolled out in a timely fashion). Regardless, we hope you enjoy visiting us during the coming month, whilst continuing to observe our COVID guidelines.


To go with our reopening, there is also some news regarding the site. In the next few days, you'll notice some things may appear different. This is since we're altering the layout to improve site functionality as well as eliminate elements which were no longer deemed effective. In general, we think the updates will make the site work better and more efficiently than before. That said, if there are changes which you dislike, please let us know and we'll look into it. As a heads up, the sidebar with the list of ladies is now replaced by a dropdown menu on top.

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