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Meet Jade, the Jewel of the Nile

Remember the newspost a fortnight ago mentioning that it was raining in Manchester? Well guess what - it is STILL raining! FFS, it didn't even rain this much when Noah was waiting to float his Ark. If you were hoping for fun in the sun and BBQ weather, we are afraid that we can't help you. However, while the weather may be disappointing, we hope to perk you up with news of a new lady joining us called Jade. She's sexy, she's fun, and she definitely knows her stuff. She's also worked in Manchester before, so hopefully, some of you chaps who have met her before may recognise from her pics and the general information on her profile.


Jade's first day will be on Friday the 28th June, with appearances thereafter varying on a weekly basis (as happens with a couple of other ladies, such as Sally and Yasmin). We know she'll be a popular lady, so if you want to see her, be quick to make your appointment.

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