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Meet Natalie, the first submissive escort to join Indigo Nile

We've had a couple of ladies interviewing over the past fortnight, and we're happy to say that the first one to join us will be Natalie, who stands out quite a bit in that she is quite a fan of submissive games. While we can't pinpoint the exact reason for it, we've generally been apprehensive about considering ladies who enjoy sub play, as there have always been questions regarding their safety during appointments. However, having been reassured that all will be well, we think Natalie should be popular here, adding a welcome bit of variety to the range of services which our ladies offer.


For gentlemen with less of an interest in the kinky stuff, rest assured that Natalie still has enough milkshake to bring the boys to the yard. In particular, she's a lady who takes a particular pleasure in offering A-levels, which is probably not surprising as she has a particularly peachy butt that is definitely suited to - hopefully, we'll get some clips up of her shaking that ass.


At the moment, we have a starter set of photo to accompany her bio, but these will definitely be supplemented with more pics in other outfits in the coming weeks, as she starts to appear more regularly with us.



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