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Meet our new Anglo-Italian lady Natalia

It has been a hell of a while since we've updated you with news about what has been going on, and for that, we apologise. Unfortunately, there has been a hell of a lot of other work going on, which has meant that we have had to put the updates on the backburner. Ladies have had new pics, but we've not uploaded them onto the site, posting them on Twitter instead. However, now that there is a wee bit of breather space before Christmas, we'll hopefully be able to put them on their profiles here too.


For now though, we would like to introduce a new lady called Natalia. She's a foxy minx who has been recommended to ourselves by one of the ladies, and she'll be joining us this Thursday. At the moment, we have a basic profile live on her, but we will be moving to add further information in the next few days, including a link to her personal Adultwork profile, so, as Apu would say, please come again.

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