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New balls please

Wimbledon is back again, but it seems that over the past decade or so, coverage of tennis on TV has gradually diminished. Some people would argue that tennis, like F1 racing, is getting dull to watch, especially since there are no characters like McEnroe or Jimmy Connors, but I would be more likely to put it down to the fact that the game has been dominated now for the past years by the same faces - particularly Federer and the Williams sisters. If they keep winning, what is the bloody point of watching? Hell, even the British contingent of recent years, like Tiger Tim and Andy (British when winning, Scottish when losing) Murray  are hardly going to set the world on fire when coming up against the drab clones which now dominate the sport.


That said, I would feel that the reason behind the decline of Wimbledon TV is more terminal than that, and is due to the increasing availability of other sporting events which really didn't exist even a decade ago. Step back in time to the 80s and ask yourself - in early-July, what sports were broadcast on TV? Other than Wimbledon, the only things going were the Olympics and the World Cup (with the Euros being a mere afterthought relative to the Olympics). Now though, we've not only had the Euro Nations League recently, but we've also got the Cricket World Cup and the female version of football's World Cup going on. Not only is the quantity of entertainment much greater than before, but the quality is greater too, even if prize money still doesn't reflect this.


What does all of this have to do with escorting? Fuck all really, but unless Steffi Graff and Anna Kournikova decide to return to the tennis court in bikinis, I'm afraid we are just going to have to wave a fond farewell to something which used to be one of the biggest events of the sporting year. On the bright side though, we've updated the profile for Layla - there's nothing sinister with the name change, other than that there has been a constant confusion over what to call her, given the difference in her profile names on AdultWork viz her site name, so we've decided to just stick to one single name. We hope you enjoy the update.

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