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The Tontober or Locktober dilemma – Escort Orgasms or Orgasm Denial

October is now here, and so, as the year slowly draws to an end, we're getting close to the silly season, where we celebrate all manner of crazy festivals and events. Those who are of a secular persuasion will enjoy the fun of Halloween, Black Friday and Guy Fawkes Night, while the more religious minded will end the year with Hannukah, Festivus and Xmas. For those of us who enjoy more kinky or sexually oriented activities, it looks like we'll be stuck between having to celebrate the two polar opposite events known as Tontober and Loctober.


In case you're wondering what I'm on about, here is a brief rundown of these two competing options:


 • Tontober is something which has been running on UKPunting for several years now, and which has become a firm favourite for its members. In essence, the aim is to support those escorts who are willing and able to meet the requisite criteria, which are to offer incall appointments which are no higher than £60 for 30 minutes or £100 for an hour (hence the "ton" in tontober). It is particularly popular with those independents who have greater flexibility when it comes to availability and rates, although it is not something which many escort agencies or massage parlours can meet, given their way of operating. For some ladies, it is a useful way to gain both custom and exposure, especially if the clients who benefit from discounted rates end up writing a review; while for the chaps, there is the obvious benefit of meeting new models who may charge marginally beyond their price limits. Critics claim it exploits WGs by forcing prices down, but lets be honest, that is bollocks, as the competition amongst ladies in what is largely a cutthroat business tends to do that already. In addition, not only is tontober voluntary, with the vast majority of the regular UKPers being quite respectful of WG choices to participate, but it is also no worse than the Reverse Booking systems which exist on a number of other adult sites (such as the reverse auctions which on AdultWork, which are, in my mind, way less transparent and way more "exploitative" in how they function). If you want to know more about Tontober, just click on the link to UKP here: The 2018 thread


 • If Tontober is about getting your rocks off as much as you can for as little as you can, then I can absolutely guarantee that you are going to be pissed off with the overall premise of Locktober. This is since Locktober is that time of the year when ladies who are active in the femdom scene "celebrate" a month of male chastity and blue balls. After locking up your tackle in a cock cage, and handing over the keys to your "mistress", you can kiss goodbye to any chance of a good orgasm until the 1st of November, with the pain building up over the course of the month as imaginative mistresses come up with ever more devious ways to tease and subvert their captives while denying them the relief that they crave. Needless to say, most guys who participate in Locktober try not to get an orgasm, as the prefer the edging and control aspects of it all, but for those who do somehow get to climax, the pain often is not worth the gain - not only are their mistresses likely to be pissed off with them, extracting rather extreme penalties from their for their misbehaviour, but they also face the prospect of ending up back in Square One, with the chastity counter being reset for an additional 30 days. If you are still curious, there is quite a bit about this online, with the Twitter stuff being particularly entertaining, especially the images: #Locktober on Twitter


As I am "vanilla" in taste, I personally think Locktober is way crazier than Tontober, but as always, it is a case of horses for courses. With that in mind, if you're thinking of visiting us at Indigo Nile, then you'll probably be quite please to find out that no matter which way your preferences run, you can definitely celebrate either event here. For guys into Locktober, Cheryl and Annalynne are both taking part - while Cheryl is quite experienced at this, and is now showing Annalynne the ropes on how to do this on her own, they're also offering a special duo dom service that could be described as "good cop, bad cop" with a mean twist thrown in. As for Tontober, our half hour rate of £60 for a full girlfriendexperience in one of Manchester's finest incall agencies hits the spot, so if you're interested in some fun with someone new, get in touch!


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