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Photo update for the lascivious Quinn Kink

We're at the end of November, which means the modern phenomenon known as Black Friday has mercifully ended. I don't know about you, but I'd say this year'se experience has been a bit poo. For starters, social distancing means we couldn't go shopping at real shops for non-essential consumer trash. Consequently, fights over shitty budget TVs in ASDA at 1AM were off the menu (although the Tyson fight over the weekend made up for that if you're into watching old geezers locking horns in a pub carpark). Likewise, online offers have been disappointing, with very little to catch the eye, and retailers largely being tight with discounts. In particular, eBay has had no major discounts, while Amazon have stuck to flogging more of their Alexa devices. The one consolation is that we've saved dough, which is a blessing at a time like this, when we don't know what 2021 holds.


What we do know is that in the coming year, we'll be having lots more hot ladies. To get your warmed up, we've got new pics up for one of the new babes. If you venture over to the profile for Quinn, the Queen of Kink, there's a full new set taken before Lockdown 2. As you'll no doubt notice, Quinn is scorching hot, plus she's quite photogenic in her poses. Obviously, we look forward to taking more pics in coming days, but if you think she looks good on camera, you should see her in person. As Borat would say: "Very Nice!"


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