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Lucy returns … for a day at least.

We're currently working on refreshing the profiles of our ladies, so there isn't much time to write anything this week, even though we do have some stuff on our mind which we will probably return to in the next few days.


However, this is just a little headsup to let you know that on Friday, Lucy will be back in with us. Given that she tours so much with her usual partner in crime, we're not sure if this visit is a one-off or will become a semi-regular thing or not. Nonetheless, her profile is back up on our website, so if you are interested in a booking, please do feel free to give us a call. For those who have never met her, she is a very chilled lady who is fairly well known for some seriously good oral skills (amongst other things). In other news, Annalynne will be in on Saturday for those gentlemen who are unable to make it over to ours on weekdays.


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