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Ringing in the first update for the new year

It is now mid-January, which means that by now, about 50% of all resolutions for the New Year have now been broken. Face it, you're not going to learn a new language, take up ballroom dancing, lose 10 kg in time for summer, or give up punting, so maybe now is the time to realise that the only resolution to make is not to make a resolution (that, and ditching smoking).


Anyway, without further ado, lets start off the photo updates for the new year. The first lady to have a profile refresh is Annalynne. While she has decided to keep a couple of her favourite photos from prior sets, most of the pics which are now up are new. If you prefer her old ones, you'll find most of them, together with lots of the nude ones, in her AdultWork Private Gallery, so either way, you definitely won't miss out. FWIW, the pic below didn't make the cut, which is a pity, as I really, really like it.



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