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Sallywhore and her lockdown photoshoot

It is a new day, so that means more new covid rules being plucked out of thin air. Indigo Nile of Manchester would like to welcome everyone who lives in the Merseyside area into the lockdown club. If you think these rules are a load of arse, then one consolation is to look at the new photos for the one and only Sallywhore. Not only do they showcase her magnificent bum perfectly, they also give us a fresh new look at her lush legs and fantastic norks.


In a way, we were lucky that we could take these new photos when we did, since with the ever changing rules on lockdowns, you can never know how things change from one moment to the next. Presently, the current laws still allow us to take photos outdoors, so that was indeed a blessing in terms of backdrops. In addition, the weather was nice at that time they were taken - come wintertime, it'll be wet, miserable and poor from a lighting perspective. So far as indoor pics go, things have been slightly more complicated; thankfully, with a zoom lens, you can still take some rather good photos from a fair distance away from your model.


In case you're wondering, I have absolutely no idea why Sally likes to use the nickname of SallyWhore. She's actually a very nice and respectable lady, but I guess she believes in truth in advertising, so there you go.


As always, more pics will be available on Sally's other accounts, such as AdultWork and OnlyFans. However, for the standard agency ones, click on her profile page at the following links: Sallywhore photos


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