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Site News: Photo Updates now taking place

There is finally some movement on the site, with Amira's profile now being updated to include a series of photos, along with an updated set of links to her AdultWork and Twitter accounts. The plan was to originally delay the update for a couple of weeks in order to reflect a small change, but that has now been shelved, with the photo update place taking now. The mobile menu also includes a link to her profile now - for some bizarre reason, it doesn't update automatically, but requires a manual edit.


The photos appear as thumbnails, but if you click on them, a full size version of the pics should appear. Obviously, laptop screens differ from those on tablets and smart phones, but the end result should always be the same. Although testing didn't reveal any issues across a range of devices, if you do have a problem, please do let us know, either by e-mail or, preferably, Twitter.


On the subject of Asian babes, whatever happened to the title from Electric Blue called "Asian Babes"? It must have been one of the best selling titles in the UK in the 90s, but it appears to have disappeared.



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