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Starting Spring off with two new ladies

Spring is just a few days away, which means soon plants will be popping up all over the place, bringing life, joy and happiness all over the place. We're sharing in the happy vibes, as we have two new ladies joining us this week, in the form of Hazel and Safina. In brief, Hazel is a cute American student, while Safina is a sexy Pakistani heartbreaker. Click on the links to their profiles, and you'll be able to find out all about then.


On another note, while we can't complain about how lovely the weather has been over the last few days, isn't it just that bit scary to be warm at this time of the year? Maybe, just maybe, we are messing up with the planet in ways which we have yet to recognise, but which we will regret decades down the line. Not the best thought to have, but definitely something to dwell on.


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