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The one thing better than Parklife in Manchester this week is …

It is a sodding Saturday, and if you're in Manchester, that means it is time for the annual music festival known as Parklife. Frankly, I have no idea what the attraction of that event in Heaton Park is, given that it is overpriced, cramped, and muddy, not to mention loaded with centrist dads in Jeremy Clarkson jeans who work for the BBC. As for the music, well, other than a couple of Manchester "legends" and has-been artists who serve to highlight the event, it is generally the sort of obscure names you'll only hear about at a pub quiz when asked to name one hit wonders famous for one summer. In short, that event in Heaton Park is definitely no Woodstock!


Fortunately, if you need cheering up and aren't interested in watching either ladies football or mens cricket, then why not have a look at Hazel's profile? As you may have guessed from the photo below, she has new photos, and it goes without saying that she looks fantastic as fuck. If the pics from March were good, then it goes without saying that these ones are even better! We hope you enjoy them.


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