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The Penthouse Pet of the Year

As it is now mid-year, we've decided to have a new photo update to Annalynne's profile, which means that ALL of her older photos have now been deleted, in order to be replaced by a fresh new batch of recent pics. At the same time, we've taken the opportunity to give her a more general refresh, with an update to the text containing all the information about Annalynne and her currently available services. As always, the old pics will be accessible on her AdultWork profile, together with a number of the new photos which didn't make it through the final cut.


If you take a closer look at the new pics, you may see a rather tasty blonde centrefold making an appearance. In case you are wondering, it is the scrumptious Elizabeth Hilden, who won the Penthouse Pet of the Year contest in 1997 (if you want a better look at some of the photos that won her the title, click here for her photo gallery on Babes and Girls - it is worth it! ). Rather bizarrely, on the day that Annalynne's new pics have been released, Penthouse have also announced their new 2019 Pet of the Year, which is totally unexpected. The winner is a stunning lady known as Gianna Dior, who we feel is a more than worthy winner, not only for her looks, but also for the fun and humour which she brings to her social media accounts - in case you're interested in having a look, her account on Twitter is Gianna_DiorXXX.


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