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Tier 3 Tits And Ass with the Magnificent Quinn

Allow us to start by saying congratulations to Manchester on joining the exclusive coronavirus club known as Tier 3. Liverpool may have won this particular race, but who knows what will happen if things get any worse. Maybe we can go one better and be first into Tier 4 when the government randomly devises more new rules. For those chaps interested in the details of the current rules, it is worth highlighting that we remain open. The reason is simple - under the current rules, only "wet" pubs, gambling joints, and some other venues must close. Consequently, we can remain open, as the business category which we are in is still allowed to operate. Naturally, should restrictions tighten further beyond Tier 3, we'll comply fully should they apply to ourselves (as will most escort places in Manchester, with some scatty exceptions).


In the meantime, we may as well count our blessings and take advantage of every new day. As such, it is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of a new lady. We'd love it if you take some time to make the acquaintance of the lovely Quinn. She's a bit of a kinky rock chick, with a body that is curvy in ALL of the right places. If you don't believe us, just take a look at the selfie photo below! For now, Quinn will join us on Wednesday, when she'll have a lot more photos taken to flesh out her profile. Until her direct number goes up, you can call us on our usual number for an appointment, which is 07757711250.



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