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Turning a trick for a treat

It is a rum thing when you think about it, but there is very little that separates  escorting from the world of trick-or-treating. Both entail a trade, where Party A will, or will not, do something in order to receive recompense from Party B. Whether it is a bag of sweets, or cold hard cash, it is, in the end, a commercial transaction. Now I'm not looking at the merits of whether such a system is good or bad, but it could be said that trick or treating could be the first step on the slippery slope towards prostitution. Thus, if the "do-gooders" of the world want to get rid of the sex trade, then surely it makes sense to get rid of this Halloween ritual too? Afterall, all it does is gently brainwash more impressionable adults-to-be into thinking that life always needs to involve giving a "sweetener" if you want something in return.


We're not open on the evening of the 31st, as you'll see from our schedule. We'll also not be dishing out candy either, what with all the covid rules in place. However, if you are out and about, use that great "British common sense" which Boris Johnson goes on about, and please take care. As it is, our ladies have Halloween pics nonetheless. You'll find some on Annalynne's private galleries, while Hazel will have some too on her OnlyFans, at


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