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What is the point dressing up for Hazel’s wedding when only 15 guests can attend?

If a horny bridesmaid at a white wedding offers you her ring, would you refuse?


Is it any wonder that people can't cope with coronavirus restrictions when it seems like something new is announced every day? One of the weirdest restrictions in our mind is the rule that 15 people is the maximum for attending a wedding. It doesn't take anyone who has seen "Four Weddings and a Funeral" to know that if you want to have a good time, you need a crowd of people to have a good time on the "most special day in your life". Even if you think that weddings are shit, and that getting married is overrated, even the most basic common sense suggests that 15 people is not enough - once you add in the parents of each party, together with the 2 witnesses to the event, you've essentially reached half the quota which is allowed. Now try to decide who should get the remaining places, from friends, colleagues and family, and you'll be screwed over in anguish, as you will inevitably piss someone off.


There's also the pressing question of gifts, as attending a wedding is definitely a case of a quid pro quo; you pay good money for your guests to get some cake from Slattery's and some overpriced ravioli, and in return, they'll gift you cash or an expensive present. If you take away the free grub which comes from attending, then what incentive does someone have to give you a gift, when just a Hallmark card with good wishes will do?


You may be wondering what this has to do with Manchester's favourite escort agency? Well, the answer is very little, although it was something we did wonder about when choosing Hazel's new photos. As you will see when you take a look at her profile, some of the updated pics have a strong wedding related theme to them. If you ever had a bridal fantasy or bridesmaid fetish, then get in touch with our lovely American beauty, and see if she will say "I do" to you.

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