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Yasmin joins the team!

Christmas is finally over. Thank fuck for that. Unfortunately, that means the supermarkets now have more shelf space free to flog Easter chocolate, so maybe it isn't all that great.


Our main news is that we have a new lady joining us this Monday, the 7th. Her name is Yasmin, and she is a British lady of Pakistani descent. If you ever fapped off to the rather exotic looking lovelies of the Electric Blue "Asian Babes" magazines of the early 90s, here is your chance to get up close and personal with a genuine Asian lovely. Not only is she fully Asian, but Yasmin is also rather dirty in her list of enjoys, which means that any meeting with her will probably help to tick a lot of boxes in your punting scoresheet.


The first photos on her profile went up a couple of weeks ago, but we hope to take more soon, including pics in a number of traditional outfits. Keep your eyes peeled!



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