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One of the most overrated terms in the adult industry is the acronym MILF. Used to describe an older woman, regardless of whether she's had children, it is often applied to escort profiles by webmasters and script writers who are too lazy to admit that a woman can look stunning regardless of her age. Fortunately, we have no problem stating that Janine is not a MILF, but quite simply a dropdead gorgeous older woman who will knock your socks off. Blessed with a particularly striking look, Janine has an attractive face whose mesmerising slate-grey eyes are offset beautifully by her long and silky raven-black hair. In her late 40s and standing at 5'8" in height, Janine is, as the photos clearly show, a lady who could quite easily claim to be tanned and toned to perfection. With a fit and athletic size 8 figure, Janine adores giving her body a good workout, so we are sure you will love her fine legs, curvy bum and 32F bust (go on, admit it, you can't stop yourself from checking her cleavage out).

Exceptionally versatile as an entertainer, Janine offers the best of both worlds by being just as good when it comes to indulging your desires for sensual pleasures, testing your erotic boundaries, as she is in the realm of femdom, where she'll do more than just test your limits for taking the punishments which amuse her most. Very experienced, Janine enjoys the thrill of energetic escort meetings and will have you sweating with both anticipation before and exhaustion after any encounter which you have with her. As you would expect, Janine offers a number of services to gentlemen, including deepthroat OWO, DFK, queening, breast relief and duos, along with offering some popular fetishes such as footplay, watersports and edging.


Lean and mean, no mistress is crueler than Janine. If you thought Cheryl or Sally could be merciless, then more you really should meet this lady, as she just relishes the prospect of administering physical punishment to the poor men who fall into her hands. Whether it is using a strap-on hard, administering a spanking or using any number of instruments of pain and torture to leave her mark on you, you'll know that you are in the hands of a true sadist when you meet her - be advised that a safe word is absolutely essential, although, depending on her whim, she may not stop immediately unless she feels like doing so.


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