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The latest news and updates from Indigo Nile, in one unique location. Not only do we provide you with information on new ladies and profile updates but, depending on our mood, we'll venture forth with our opinions on trending topics which we think are worthy of discussion. Needless to say, these are our opinions on things, so some of it may be irreverent or provocative.

Lucy returns ... for a day at least.

We're currently working on refreshing the profiles of our ladies, so there isn't much time to write anything this week, even though we do have some stuff on our mind which we will probably return to in the next few days.


However, this is just a little...Read More »

A homage to Twitter - the reigning champ in censorship free thought provoking social media tools

I'm currently waiting for a video clip to render, so rather than sit on my arse and twiddle my thumbs, I've decided to pen some thoughts about Twitter, which is, in my personal opinion, one of the jewels of the Internet in the past decade. Sure, Facebook may...Read More »

Rolling out the new model: Elise!

We're rather happy to announce that we are debuting a new lady at our venue in north Manchester next week. If you check the rota, you'll see that on Tuesday, we are welcoming Elise to Manchester.

There are basic details on her profile, but as always, if...Read More »

The Tontober or Locktober dilemma - Escort Orgasms or Orgasm Denial

October is now here, and so, as the year slowly draws to an end, we're getting close to the silly season, where we celebrate all manner of crazy festivals and events. Those who are of a secular persuasion will enjoy the fun of Halloween, Black Friday and Guy...Read More »

Something fishy

The Guardian newspaper, aka The Manchester Guardian to old farts, is a great British institution. Unfortunately, like so many great institutions, it has turned into a flaming pile of shit in recent years, with its PC nonsense, crap editorials, and an inability to report on the world as...Read More »

Photo update for submissive delight Natalie

We've now almost reached the end of the summer holidays, so the good news from us is that we can finally settle down and update the profiles with new pics (as well as introduce a couple of ladies in the coming weeks).


Natalie's photo profile has been...Read More »

An Indigo Smile

Cheryl has finally had an update to her profile images on the Indigo website. While a couple of favourites are still on, we've uploaded a number of new pics from recent sets, although we may sneak in a couple more shots in the coming week from a couple...Read More »

New pics for Sally and Natalie ... and the end of World Cup 2018 is nigh.

The World Cup is almost over, and what a lovely tournament it has ended up being. The teams who I thought would progress have fallen by the wayside, while England have really played like absolute stars. It isn't just that they've won their matches well (albeit against some...Read More »

Seduction by Jennie ...

We have a second profile update this month, with our second new starter being Jennie.


Jennie is a really fun young lady, with a the calm presence of a zen master and the refined looks of a bone china doll. If you meet her, you'll also notice...Read More »

Ronaldo of Manchester, the Greek Hero of the modern era

Finally, World Cup 2018 is upon us. I don't know about you, but this is the sporting event which I have been waiting ages for. The main reason boils down to one man, and one man only - Ronaldo. Although comparisons with Messi are bound to take place...Read More »

Fabulous body, fabulous smile, and fabulous abs - it doesn't get any better than a meeting with Chloe!

Eagle eyed viewers of our site will notice that we have a fabulous new addition to the listings of our ladies.


Her name is Chloe, and she is one hell of a cracker, who is definitely as cute as she looks. We'll leave you to take a...Read More »

Holidays are coming ...

Today is officially the first of June, so for those of you who happen to be festive minded, that means that it will be six months until we start to endure Christmas jingles again.


Being June, it also means that the summer holidays are now upon us....Read More »

New addition Zoey will entertain YOU with her skill at interpreting the Kama Sutra

There is a second addition to the line up of ladies this week, as we would like to welcome Zoey to Indigo Nile. There isn't really that much which we can say about the lady, as we are sure that she will already be familiar to quite a...Read More »

Meet Natalie, the first submissive escort to join Indigo Nile

We've had a couple of ladies interviewing over the past fortnight, and we're happy to say that the first one to join us will be Natalie, who stands out quite a bit in that she is quite a fan of submissive games. While we can't pinpoint the exact...Read More »

Photo update for big breast sensation Sally

It has been a lovely week weatherwise, but in case you think we've been sitting on our butts twiddling our thumbs, then fret not, as we've been working on site improvements which should be visible in a few weeks from now. More important than that though is the...Read More »

Annalynne and her Louboutins

We're updating our photo galleries again, with the featured profile this week being that of Annalynne.


In order to neaten up our profiles, the photos are now in two distinct gallery segments, which we feel makes it easier for visitors to get all the information which they...Read More »

Goodbye backpage ... hello bedpage (or maybe not)

This week, we've been concentrating on a couple of things which are not really website based, so if you were hoping that we would post new pics or info, sorry, but that hasn't happened. However, if you've been paying attention to current affairs in the escorting world, then...Read More »

Amira's pics have had a bit of a refresh

The first bit of news which we have this week is that we have updated Amira's photo gallery, with a refresh that reflects a slightly more funkier look than before.


The biggest change is that there is a substantial bit more colour in these photos, which is...Read More »

Escort profile for Kristen now updated, with a new selection of pics

Apologies for the delayed updates, but we have been working on a couple of small site changes over the past few days. They are not likely to be noticed, but they should make the site a bit quicker to load. Having considered the feedback which we've received regarding...Read More »

Poll: We need your feedback on profile gallery amendments ...

Ahoy shipmates! Just a short note to let you know that we're thinking of how the profiles are presented, so we will be conducting a poll, or two, for your feedback (not poledancers, like the two birds in the photo).


At the moment, there are several pop-up...Read More »

Let kinky Kristen get you some wood.

Another day, another profile update. The 6th profile is now live, with photos and information now online for Kristen.


Kristen is a rather tasty lady, with a fantastic set of knockers and a rather Hollywood style smile, so she obviously ticks all the right boxes in the...Read More »

Lady Number Five now online - this time it is Lucy who loves it

We appear to be gradually building up steam here, as we now have our fifth lady listed on our site, this time in the guise of Lucy.


As with Sally, she is another friend of the place, so you can rest assured that she is a lady...Read More »

Say hello to sexy Sally ...

We're happy to announce that there is a new profile up, for a very close friend of ours, the devilishly delightful Sally the Manchester whore.


Along with being a very experienced Manchester escort, she has quite some talent when it comes to the devilish art of domination,...Read More »

Further site updates: The dynamic duo of Cheryl and Annalynne

A second update for the day, this time featuring the most regular duo at our place, namely Annalynne and Cheryl.


As with Amira, these two ladies have had some updates applied to their profiles. New pics from the last few months now in place; while some may...Read More »

Site News: Photo Updates now taking place

There is finally some movement on the site, with Amira's profile now being updated to include a series of photos, along with an updated set of links to her AdultWork and Twitter accounts. The plan was to originally delay the update for a couple of weeks in order...Read More »

This is going to be the most updated website EVER!

Yeah, Ever!


I promise that I'll be posting tons of photos, loads of comments, links to interesting websites, and lots lots more. This place will be rocking with activity. I may even have to install a forum where we can chat shit and post fluffy photos of...Read More »


Or is that blah-blah-blah

...Read More »

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