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We are happy to hear from ladies wishing to join us on the adventure of a lifetime. We aim to offer a hassle free atmosphere, where the emphasis is on providing you with a high earning potential whilst benefiting from a safe, understanding and professional environment where all daily administration is done on your behalf. Whilst there is no "type" of lady whom we favour, we do prefer confident ladies who are physically attractive and presentable, with good communications skills and who can express a high level of empathy towards other individuals under a wide variety of circumstances.


Please note that we will not consider applications from anyone under 20 years of age; who has limited prior experience in the adult entertainment industry; or who who has been referred to us by an unknown third party. With that in mind, just like our clients, we feel variety is the spice of life, and do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or nationality (provided the usual requirements to having the right to work in the UK are fulfilled).


If you are interested in joining us, please complete the form below to provide us with a brief summary of yourself. All information which is provided is treated in strict confidence, and will not be published or visible on site. In order to comply with our legal obligations, we will need to see official photographic ID should you agree to appear at Indigo Nile, so in order to save your time and ours, we request that you provide all information in an honest manner.



Recruitment Application
Boxes marked with the red asterisk are mandatory, as this form will not be posted if these fields are incomplete. If you do have trouble completing this form, please try to contact us directly at:
Contact Information
About Yourself
Ideally, a basic description of your physical attributes, in particular dress size, stats, and cup size, would suffice. However, you are more than welcome to also mention other info, such as hair and eye colour.
If you have an AdultWork account, independent website, or profile on an agency or parlour website, we would love to have a link.
Please provide a couple of recent photographs of yourself, which would allow us to assess your application. Face images are appreciated but not necessary, but we would require full body shots - while lingerie or underwear is ideal, photos in normal dresses are also fine. Selfie style photos are more than welcome.
Max file size is 3 MB.
Max file size is 3 MB.
Max file size is 3 MB.
Max file size is 3 MB.
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