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Summer is here, and isn't the weather just absolutely glorious? No, it bloody well isn't! While we're actually quite relieved not to be experiencing a rerun of the heatwave from last year (which was unnatural and scary in a way from a climate change context), we do have to admit that we are just that little bit disappointed at the current wet weather in Manchester. Why? Because not only were we hoping for at least a couple of good days burning meat on the BBQ, but we were also planning on taking some photos outdoors. Unfortunately, these plans are now fucked, since according to the Weather Channel, for at least the next 10 days, Manchester is going to be pissing down with rain, so not only is it hotter in most of Europe, but it is also warmer and drier in Johannesburg, even though THEY are already in early Winter. If you don't believe us, you can check on their site here, then spend the next few days weeping: MCR 10 day weather forecast.


The good news is that at least we've had time to work on Tiffany's new photos. All but a couple of her early pics have now been taken off her profile, to be replaced with a lot of new ones. The old pics, together with a number of the new ones, will also be on her AdultWork profile, so you know where to look. For those of you who are fans of the lady, she is also now on Twitter, so keep an eye open on her account, as she has started posting selfies and clips of her own too.


Decades ago, that rather lush looking piece of Welsh crumpet Shirley Bassey once crooned that "Diamonds are foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they can stimulate and tease me". Now, we're not that keen on sparkling rocks ourselves, but we do know that if you're in the market for an overpriced piece of ring swag, then the place to go looking for a diamond in central Manchester just has to be the branch of Tiffany's located in Selfridges. It is glitzy, it is glam, and if you walk out of there with one of their pale blue bags, it is guaranteed to make the woman in your life orgasm (and we mean genuine puddles of female orgasm juice, not the fake stuff). Fortunately, if central Manchester is too far to go, why not visit Indigo Nile, were we have a stunning new lady joining us who also goes by the name of Tiffany. She's smiley, friendly and has an absolutely fantastic body which looks like a million fucking dollars, and which had Cheryl and Annalynne gasping in awe and lust when she had her photos taken last week.


The profile for Tiffany is now online, and if you are interested in a visit, her first day with us will be on Wednesday 21 November. We hope to see you then!


We're currently working on refreshing the profiles of our ladies, so there isn't much time to write anything this week, even though we do have some stuff on our mind which we will probably return to in the next few days.


However, this is just a little headsup to let you know that on Friday, Lucy will be back in with us. Given that she tours so much with her usual partner in crime, we're not sure if this visit is a one-off or will become a semi-regular thing or not. Nonetheless, her profile is back up on our website, so if you are interested in a booking, please do feel free to give us a call. For those who have never met her, she is a very chilled lady who is fairly well known for some seriously good oral skills (amongst other things). In other news, Annalynne will be in on Saturday for those gentlemen who are unable to make it over to ours on weekdays.


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Indigo Nile: Manchester Escorts