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Natalie's had yet another set of new photos added to her profile. In all honesty, there are probably more than enough on display, as the photo count comes up to 32, so we may end up removing some of them in the coming days. Once the new year starts, we'll probably go back to doing the Dress of the Day posts, as Bosslady has been dropping none-too-subtle hints that she wants a return of that feature, so you can expect to see more regular photo updates, although this may impact on the filming of the video clips, which is what has been taking up a fair bit of our time recently (one of the bondage style images in the update will probably give you a clue as to what the videos are about). The backdrops will also be due for a change too soon, as we know that even with the best models, they can become boring after a period of time.


In the coming month, you can expect to see changes on the profiles for Cheryl and Annalynne (and possibly Jennie too).



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Indigo Nile: Manchester Escorts