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Allow us to start by saying congratulations to Manchester on joining the exclusive coronavirus club known as Tier 3. Liverpool may have won this particular race, but who knows what will happen if things get any worse. Maybe we can go one better and be first into Tier 4 when the government randomly devises more new rules. For those chaps interested in the details of the current rules, it is worth highlighting that we remain open. The reason is simple - under the current rules, only "wet" pubs, gambling joints, and some other venues must close. Consequently, we can remain open, as the business category which we are in is still allowed to operate. Naturally, should restrictions tighten further beyond Tier 3, we'll comply fully should they apply to ourselves (as will most escort places in Manchester, with some scatty exceptions).


In the meantime, we may as well count our blessings and take advantage of every new day. As such, it is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of a new lady. We'd love it if you take some time to make the acquaintance of the lovely Quinn. She's a bit of a kinky rock chick, with a body that is curvy in ALL of the right places. If you don't believe us, just take a look at the selfie photo below! For now, Quinn will join us on Wednesday, when she'll have a lot more photos taken to flesh out her profile. Until her direct number goes up, you can call us on our usual number for an appointment, which is 07757711250.



It is with great relief that we've managed to survive the consumer spending spree which passes for the extended Black Friday weekend. A decade ago, Black Friday was some weird American concept which we'd only experience on CNN, when women would be having a fightout at Macy's for a cheap wedding address. Then, it hit our shores, with Amazon and ASDA flooding the market with cheap TVs for a single day of consumer delight, which was always good for a chuckle. Now though, it is a case of extreme spending overload, as it drags on for a week or more (although we do prefer it to the annoyance of Brexit). To make up for it all, we've got something which you'll enjoy much more, and which will cost you absolutely ZERO (unless you decide to make an appointment). What is it you ask? New pics for Sally! We hope you enjoy them, as she definitely is a star of note.

Summer is here, and isn't the weather just absolutely glorious? No, it bloody well isn't! While we're actually quite relieved not to be experiencing a rerun of the heatwave from last year (which was unnatural and scary in a way from a climate change context), we do have to admit that we are just that little bit disappointed at the current wet weather in Manchester. Why? Because not only were we hoping for at least a couple of good days burning meat on the BBQ, but we were also planning on taking some photos outdoors. Unfortunately, these plans are now fucked, since according to the Weather Channel, for at least the next 10 days, Manchester is going to be pissing down with rain, so not only is it hotter in most of Europe, but it is also warmer and drier in Johannesburg, even though THEY are already in early Winter. If you don't believe us, you can check on their site here, then spend the next few days weeping: MCR 10 day weather forecast.


The good news is that at least we've had time to work on Tiffany's new photos. All but a couple of her early pics have now been taken off her profile, to be replaced with a lot of new ones. The old pics, together with a number of the new ones, will also be on her AdultWork profile, so you know where to look. For those of you who are fans of the lady, she is also now on Twitter, so keep an eye open on her account, as she has started posting selfies and clips of her own too.


We'd like to wish all of our Muslim visitors well, so Eid Mubarak to you.


Eagle eyed readers will probably have noticed that Yasmin has been away this past month. Well, she is back in from this Saturday, and she has a new look which we think you will enjoy, as it is more of a traditional Asian look than the one she used to have


Christmas is finally over. Thank fuck for that. Unfortunately, that means the supermarkets now have more shelf space free to flog Easter chocolate, so maybe it isn't all that great.


Our main news is that we have a new lady joining us this Monday, the 7th. Her name is Yasmin, and she is a British lady of Pakistani descent. If you ever fapped off to the rather exotic looking lovelies of the Electric Blue "Asian Babes" magazines of the early 90s, here is your chance to get up close and personal with a genuine Asian lovely. Not only is she fully Asian, but Yasmin is also rather dirty in her list of enjoys, which means that any meeting with her will probably help to tick a lot of boxes in your punting scoresheet.


The first photos on her profile went up a couple of weeks ago, but we hope to take more soon, including pics in a number of traditional outfits. Keep your eyes peeled!



Good news guys. Sally is now back with us.


If you've been naughty this year, you probably have no chance in hell of getting a present from Santa. However, as every cloud has a silver lining, you can make up for it by unwrapping Sally instead (or she can just spank you senseless for having been such a bad 'un). At the moment, Sally's days are yet to be determined, so please keep an eye on the schedule for updates. We're using her old photos rather than the more recent ones as she's actually looking rather like she did when they were taken, i.e. mighty fine!



Natalie's had yet another set of new photos added to her profile. In all honesty, there are probably more than enough on display, as the photo count comes up to 32, so we may end up removing some of them in the coming days. Once the new year starts, we'll probably go back to doing the Dress of the Day posts, as Bosslady has been dropping none-too-subtle hints that she wants a return of that feature, so you can expect to see more regular photo updates, although this may impact on the filming of the video clips, which is what has been taking up a fair bit of our time recently (one of the bondage style images in the update will probably give you a clue as to what the videos are about). The backdrops will also be due for a change too soon, as we know that even with the best models, they can become boring after a period of time.


In the coming month, you can expect to see changes on the profiles for Cheryl and Annalynne (and possibly Jennie too).



We're currently working on refreshing the profiles of our ladies, so there isn't much time to write anything this week, even though we do have some stuff on our mind which we will probably return to in the next few days.


However, this is just a little headsup to let you know that on Friday, Lucy will be back in with us. Given that she tours so much with her usual partner in crime, we're not sure if this visit is a one-off or will become a semi-regular thing or not. Nonetheless, her profile is back up on our website, so if you are interested in a booking, please do feel free to give us a call. For those who have never met her, she is a very chilled lady who is fairly well known for some seriously good oral skills (amongst other things). In other news, Annalynne will be in on Saturday for those gentlemen who are unable to make it over to ours on weekdays.


I'm currently waiting for a video clip to render, so rather than sit on my arse and twiddle my thumbs, I've decided to pen some thoughts about Twitter, which is, in my personal opinion, one of the jewels of the Internet in the past decade. Sure, Facebook may be bigger, YouTube more content rich, and Instagram more "in", but there is something uniquely chaotic about Twitter that makes it that bit more fun that its peers. I guess that it is probably no coincidence then that it is the broadcasting tool of choice of a certain Donald Trump, part-time loud mouth, part time President of the United States of America, and full-time connoisseur of loose women everywhere.


Why do I love Twitter? It isn't the current posting limit of 280 characters, although that does have the effect of forcing posters to be brief and concise in their thoughts, rather than allow for the rambling bollocks you find elsewhere. Nor is it the fact that the user interface is a load of antiquated bobbins, subject to constant change and reinvention, yet lacking in even basic facilities such as Edit button. No, in the end, it boils down to the fact that Twitter is, of all the social media platforms currently available, the most egalitarian of the lot, with a relatively chaotic and uncensored way of allowing you to interact online with other people as and how you deem fit, without a big nanny being in place to monitor or cajole you.


The most important bonus with using Twitter is the relative lack of censorship compared to other social media platforms, especially of visual content such as photos and videos. Thus, while Instagram will pounce on you if you accidentally post a photo showing a stray nipple (or rapidly delete you account if there are multiple instances of even minor nudity), with Twitter, anything goes, so long as whatever you post is legal and is marked as being sensitive in nature. Is it any wonder then that it is so bloody popular with porn actresses and escorts alike? Provided you stick to the rules, you have the opportunity to build up a interactive fanbase showing your wares off in the most explicit fashion possible, all of which is free to use and so, so much more effective than traditional advertising mediums. Obviously, this freedom from censorship is never absolute, as anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being shadowbanned will attest, nor should anyone put all their eggs in one basket by using it as their only marketing mechanism, but as some rather popular ladies have shown over the years, provided you put the effort in to post content in an interesting and consistent manner, then you will be rewarded in the long run.


More importantly than the censoring of photos though is that of thought. Compared to the walled garden that is Facebook, you'll find a greater variety of voices on Twitter, or, at the very least, you'll find it easier to find a greater variety of voices and opinions which are different to your own. FB, by contrast, comes across as more conformist in nature, in that if you happen to believe in something which is against the flow, you'll either be banned outright by its moderating staff, or you'll just be conveniently overlooked by the mysterious "algorithm" which is there to take the blame should anything happen to go wrong. In a way, it is fairly similar to message boards, especially those of a specialist nature (as you find in the punting world), where if you don't fit in with the long-standing crowd of familiar posters or with the belief sets of the board owners, then you are essentially fucked, as you are going to end up being little more than the online version of a persona non grata, logging in to a site but finding you have nobody whom you can really chat to without being shouted down. For something which is already so exclusionary and privacy oriented like the sex industry, this can be rather disheartening, particularly with new escorts or clients, who often have nobody to relate to in the real world.With Twitter, this is irrelevant, as you can follow or unfollow whoever you like, so you aren't really going to be left out of any particular discussion which interests you. Now obviously, Twitter isn't perfect, as you'll still have to confront your fair share of trolls and online harassment, but in the main, you'll find that you are generally going to be accepted for who you are (or whoever your online persona happens to be).


Well, the video clip is now complete, so I'll end up my musings here. There is no moral to this post, for rather like Twitter, it isn't up to me to tell you what you should do, follow or think. Nor, for that matter, will I be begging you to follow our Twitter account or those of our ladies (like Cheryl and Annalynne), or even such creative gems like faceandpussy or "Wetherspoons", as that is entirely up to you whether you choose to follow us. What I will suggest though is giving Twitter a try if you haven't done so before. If you're afraid of being caught out, set up a disposable e-mail address, and then sign up from a different browser. As the saying goes "Free your mind, and your ass will follow" - you really will not regret venturing onto Twitter, as it will definitely open your mind up to the world in a way which you will never regret.


We're rather happy to announce that we are debuting a new lady at our venue in north Manchester next week. If you check the rota, you'll see that on Tuesday, we are welcoming Elise to Manchester.

There are basic details on her profile, but as always, if you want to find our more about Elise, then just click on the link at the bottom of the page in order to be redirected to her Adultwork account. She's kindly ceded a number of photos for us to use too, but fear not, we will be adding new ones taken in house as soon as we get the opportunity. With think that with her look, her stripper skills, and with her bubbly enthusiasm, she'll prove to be quite popular, so we definitely suggest booking in advance for a meeting.


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