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Summer is here, and isn't the weather just absolutely glorious? No, it bloody well isn't! While we're actually quite relieved not to be experiencing a rerun of the heatwave from last year (which was unnatural and scary in a way from a climate change context), we do have to admit that we are just that little bit disappointed at the current wet weather in Manchester. Why? Because not only were we hoping for at least a couple of good days burning meat on the BBQ, but we were also planning on taking some photos outdoors. Unfortunately, these plans are now fucked, since according to the Weather Channel, for at least the next 10 days, Manchester is going to be pissing down with rain, so not only is it hotter in most of Europe, but it is also warmer and drier in Johannesburg, even though THEY are already in early Winter. If you don't believe us, you can check on their site here, then spend the next few days weeping: MCR 10 day weather forecast.


The good news is that at least we've had time to work on Tiffany's new photos. All but a couple of her early pics have now been taken off her profile, to be replaced with a lot of new ones. The old pics, together with a number of the new ones, will also be on her AdultWork profile, so you know where to look. For those of you who are fans of the lady, she is also now on Twitter, so keep an eye open on her account, as she has started posting selfies and clips of her own too.


It is a sodding Saturday, and if you're in Manchester, that means it is time for the annual music festival known as Parklife. Frankly, I have no idea what the attraction of that event in Heaton Park is, given that it is overpriced, cramped, and muddy, not to mention loaded with centrist dads in Jeremy Clarkson jeans who work for the BBC. As for the music, well, other than a couple of Manchester "legends" and has-been artists who serve to highlight the event, it is generally the sort of obscure names you'll only hear about at a pub quiz when asked to name one hit wonders famous for one summer. In short, that event in Heaton Park is definitely no Woodstock!


Fortunately, if you need cheering up and aren't interested in watching either ladies football or mens cricket, then why not have a look at Hazel's profile? As you may have guessed from the photo below, she has new photos, and it goes without saying that she looks fantastic as fuck. If the pics from March were good, then it goes without saying that these ones are even better! We hope you enjoy them.


Today may be April Fools Day, but as we're now past midday, it is safe to say that Sally's profile has been updated with new photos, without leaving anyone wondering if there is a trick to our post. As you can see from the pics, she still looks as good as she did years ago, with her long legs and slim waist being the perfect complement for her large natural boobies.


In case you are wondering, Sally doesn't have a regular day, but instead appears one day a week on different days each time, which is particularly useful for those gentlemen who have only one day off per week, as it increases your chances of meeting her. With this in mind, it is also worth mentioning that for the next few weeks, we will be open most Saturdays too, so it always pays to keep an eye on the schedule to see when your favourite lady will be appearing (and for those of you whose favourite lady appears elsewhere - have you ever suggested to her that maybe she should join us? She may like it more here 😉 ).


If you happen to be a fan of Tiffany, you may be happy to know that her profile has received an update to its selection of photos (finally!).


There is a backlog of pics at the moment as we've worked through the photos of the newer arrivals, but in the next few weeks, you can hopefully expect to see a return to normality in terms of regular updates as a regular work schedule resumes.


Good news guys. Sally is now back with us.


If you've been naughty this year, you probably have no chance in hell of getting a present from Santa. However, as every cloud has a silver lining, you can make up for it by unwrapping Sally instead (or she can just spank you senseless for having been such a bad 'un). At the moment, Sally's days are yet to be determined, so please keep an eye on the schedule for updates. We're using her old photos rather than the more recent ones as she's actually looking rather like she did when they were taken, i.e. mighty fine!



We're rather happy to announce that we are debuting a new lady at our venue in north Manchester next week. If you check the rota, you'll see that on Tuesday, we are welcoming Elise to Manchester.

There are basic details on her profile, but as always, if you want to find our more about Elise, then just click on the link at the bottom of the page in order to be redirected to her Adultwork account. She's kindly ceded a number of photos for us to use too, but fear not, we will be adding new ones taken in house as soon as we get the opportunity. With think that with her look, her stripper skills, and with her bubbly enthusiasm, she'll prove to be quite popular, so we definitely suggest booking in advance for a meeting.


The Guardian newspaper, aka The Manchester Guardian to old farts, is a great British institution. Unfortunately, like so many great institutions, it has turned into a flaming pile of shit in recent years, with its PC nonsense, crap editorials, and an inability to report on the world as it is, rather than how it "should" be (not to mention STILL not spelling words correctly, even though we live in an age of word processors and spellcheckers). Fortunately, it still stands head and shoulders above its competitors in some areas, in particular, its food reviews sections (which it shares with its Sunday sister, The Observer). While Jay Rayner is a master wordsmith, an exciting new addition this year has been to sign up Grace Dent, who has brought a whiff of fresh air to the reviews section, going where no man has gone before. It is because of her article on Friday that I've been minded to pen this post - click here for the link:


In her review, she ventured over to a venue in a posh part of London, where you'll invariably pay way over the odds for anything you want. As anyone familiar with the escort world knows, London is hellishly expensive, with the booking fee for your average London escort tending to be in the region of £150 to £200 for the hour, although some of the more "upmarket" London independent escorts and escort agencies naturally charge way more moolah for a meeting, in some cases, over £500 for the hour. Now, to your average Russian oligarch, Dubai sheikh or City banker, these prices may be chump change, but to most normal people, that is a fair whack of cash, although it is a case of knowingly going in and accepting it. What surprised me though from the food review was that this overcharging applies to food too, as she ended up buying a meal of fish and chips for the princely sum of £32.50! What made it worse was that that not only was the fish small in size and weight, but she only ended up getting about a dozen chips to go with her meal (albeit they were triple cooked and accompanied by little dips). It got me wondering: are we lucky in Manchester lucky with our prices for fish suppers (never mind the prices of Manchester escorts)?


Thinking back on past meals, I would say that we are absolutely blessed, and don't realise just how lucky we are, especially since Manchester is a city that isn't near to the seaside. I have fairly simple tastes, so most of the time, I just go for the standard serving of cod /haddock and chips, yet despite this, I've hardly ever paid more than £5-6, with most meals over the past few decades having been quality chow representing outstanding value for money. Of course, there have been some duds, such as Harry Ramsdens near Old Trafford football stadium (overpriced and full of coffin dodgers and tourists), most Cantonese takeaway joints, and the Metro Bar in Bury (quality that goes up and down like a tart's knickers, although this may be down to the constant change in management too). However, this has been largely offset by the really good places, with notable examples being Fosters in Didsbury (you get a slice of lemon here, and while their "credit crunch lunch" is no longer the bargain it was ages ago, it is still decent fare); Thompsons of Blackeley (well done, although ridiculous enough to charge for even a fork), and, most notably, Armstrongs of Prestwich, the veritable codfather of the fish world.


Now, it must be said that I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Armstrongs, even though a visit here is bound to end up in heartburn by late evening, as they soak everything in way too much cooking oil to ever be healthy. The reason isn't for the quality of the food (which is just OK), or for the portion sizes (hello Jumbo Cod!), but rather for the memories it brings back. In particular, the memories of popping in to the Prestwich branch of Sandys Superstars just down the road, having a quick "meet-and-greet", and then trundling up the block for some post-punt refreshments. It was probably a right of passage for every punter over the last decade to do the same, secure in the knowledge that the counter staff dishing your food, nevermind the kids at the bus stop outside the red door and the folk popping into Tesco all knew what you had been up to, given that you'd invariably be leaving with a smirk on your face. However, I am now left wondering about one thing ... given the problems which Armstrongs had with a particular government financial agency about 3 years ago, did this eventually have an impact on Sandys? Bearing in mind that Armstrongs would have been under the beady eyes of some very smart investigators for a fair bit of time before they acted, would it be fair to wonder if their curiosity was aroused by the near constant procession of men coming and going out of a particular door, and thereby decided to cast their net a bit further and find out what was going on.


Sound fishy? Who knows! We'll have to wait for the court trial next year to see what led to what, but it would be sad in a way if, indirectly, the search for a cheapish snack of fish and chips eventually resulted in the closure of what was a Manchester institution.




We've now almost reached the end of the summer holidays, so the good news from us is that we can finally settle down and update the profiles with new pics (as well as introduce a couple of ladies in the coming weeks).


Natalie's photo profile has been fully refreshed. The pics are somewhat of a rarity, in that she has genuine tanlines. In an age where most ladies sport tans from a sunbed or tanning studio, she's been hardcore and spent a very enjoyable month out in the sun getting herself broned up for your pleasure.




We have a second profile update this month, with our second new starter being Jennie.


Jennie is a really fun young lady, with a the calm presence of a zen master and the refined looks of a bone china doll. If you meet her, you'll also notice that has a lovely smile which we may be able to capture in future photo sets. She'll be joining us from Tuesday, so if you are interested in an appointment, please feel free to get in contact with us, or send her a message directly to her AdultWork profile. At the moment, there is a silly advisory notice on top, as they have messed things up with her verification, but you can rest assured that she is definitely a genuine lady (to the complaining bawbag who may have informed AW about the profile, I'd say it is rather obvious that the pics are genuine, as the background is rather obviously that of Indigo Nile's venue!).



Finally, World Cup 2018 is upon us. I don't know about you, but this is the sporting event which I have been waiting ages for. The main reason boils down to one man, and one man only - Ronaldo. Although comparisons with Messi are bound to take place amongst fanboys, some people are claiming that in footballing terms, he is the greatest of all time. Compared to Pele or Maradona, I don't think you could ever go that far, although those legends obviously played football in a very different era, which may have been physically harsher in terms of fouls, but were probably easier in terms of competitive standards. Hell, even in Portuguese football, there is still a strong case that he will never be the GOAT, given that he will, to many, always walk in the shade of Eusebio (without doubt the finest footballer ever from Africa).


With that in mind, love him or hate him, wouldn't it be fantastic to see him actually win the most important trophy of them all? His entire life story makes for one of those Greek epics which used to enthrall us as kids. Poor dude from a crappy island shows immense talent as a boy; gets taken under the wing of a cunning yet wise mentor (hint: Alex Ferguson, not Mr Miyagi); starts off by pissing off all those around him, who disregard his talent in favour of their favourite son (are the BBC broadcasting Russia 2018 on whichever tropical island Rooney is tanning his arse on?); is sent to some primitive land full of fierce natives (Madrid has that effect on people), and then, like Odysseus, he returns from the wild, having beaten everyone before him in sporting combat to face that one final challenge which will make him king of Ithaca. While there may be some pathos if Ronaldo was to fail at the very final hurdle, as we all love a happy ending in life, it would be so much more heartwarming if he was to win that final remaining trophy which has eluded him


The only question is, once Ronaldo does win the World Cup, what happens with his life then? I can't imagine him sitting around with all those other washed out pundits in the TV studios nattering away like fishwives. Something says to me he will want to achieve something else which is "great", so the story won't be over when he hangs up his boots for that final time ...



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